More characters and information will be added as each episode is released.

Dorothea Butters - a halfling and resident of Bright.

Eloise - a human Waycaller.

Aelf Ethelwulf - a druid, originally from Danussan, now a wandering exile.

Jack Gordon - seventeen years old, from the Scottish Highlands.

Harriett Gordon - twelve years old, Jack's sister.

Hephaestia Hatter - a halfling and resident of Bright. Hephaestia is a member of the Florid Spinsters who govern halfling society.

Hob - a Faeden.

Kashashem - an elvish woman, one of the Sea Elves of Meriele. She is the current head of the Druid Order. One of the first magic-wielders, she is also a Waycaller.

Morrigan - a Faeden. Known as the Pale Mother, Morrigan is revered as a goddess by the Vellenor (Dark Elves), the goblins and the trolls. She is eternally imprisoned in her realm of Uffern, the deep cavern that is the home of monsters.

Noble - seventeen years old. A prince of the House of Senn and sole heir to the throne of King Mael the 25th of Pix.

Anarra Settonett - sixteen years old, a part-elvish, part-human girl.

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