the realm of anwynn

Anwynn's history is long, going back to the dawn of time. It is the home of all magic, Bright as well as Dark. A continent apart from the sea of time, it is a hidden place. Once, millennium ago, Anwynn was just like any other continent of Earth, but that was before it was hidden behind the Veil, a magical barrier that separates it from the ordinary human world.

Jack and Harriett meet a lot of strange characters in Anwynn, some turn out to be great friends, others dangerous enemies.

Anwynn is home of the Nine Races, including the Elves and Halflings. There are four human nations in Anwynn, the oldest being the Kingdom of Pix. The lineage of the Monarchs of Pix goes back thousands of years.

Few maps of Anwynn exist, making the Map of Anwynn kept at the house of Daniselle, one of the dragon-riding mountain elves, a precious thing.

At one time, the Faeden ruled over most of the Nine Races as Gods. Each of the nations of mankind worshiped one of the Faeden. The origin of the Faeden and how they came to rule over Anwynn is recounted in The Secret Book of Thullu.

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