What happens when you discover 

that some legends are real?


                                                                                                                                                                        Image © Andrea Martin

about waycaller - Book 1 of The Faeden Chronicles

Seventeen year old Jack Gordon thinks he’s going mad, just like his mother who believed in mythical beings like elves, dragons and monsters. He’s even started hearing voices. But then he and his little sister Harriett are attacked by a monster that is definitely real. To escape the monster, the voice in Jack’s head tells him that he has to ‘call out and open the Way Between’. So Jack calls out and he and Harriett are magically transported to Anwynn.

In Anwynn, Jack learns that elves, dragons and druids are very real and that he is a Waycaller: he has the power to part the veil between the hidden realm of Anwynn and the human realm. Jack's mother might not have been so crazy after all. All too quickly Jack discovers that scary things like goblins and trolls are real as well and that he and Harriett are in great danger. Morrigan, one of the powerfully magical beings known as the Faeden, who is worshiped as a goddess by dark elves, goblins and trolls, wants Jack dead, because of the very power he never knew he had.

If Jack and Harriett are to survive, they must rely on strangers, and some of them really live up to that word: strange. Firstly, there is Aelf Ethelwulf, a druid with a fondness for shaggy Highland cows. Then there's Wadget, an Oakling, who is green-skinned and only 2 ½ feet tall but a powerful member of the Druid Council. Then there's a halfling by the name of Miss Dorothea Butters, who seems just as reluctant as Jack to believe what is happening. Aelf and Wadget are both sworn enemies of Morrigan. Miss Butters simply likes cake. Jack must travel across Anwynn in their company to meet his destiny as Waycaller.

Ultimately Jack must be alone when he faces his doubts and fears, and eventually Morrigan herself, and learn to accept and use the power that resides within him. That might be a little easier if he weren't also struggling with his feelings for the mysterious Annara, a part-Elvish girl whose beauty is matched only by her skill with a sword.

The Faeden Chronicles is a fantasy series of 7 novellas written by D. J. McPhee. There are four novellas in the Waycaller cycle (book 1) and three that belong to the Keysong cycle (book 2). Combining traditional fantasy elements, a little humor and a big dose of intrigue, The Faeden Chronicles are old-school fantasy for both adult and young adult readers.



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